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About Us

Bernice - Tenderfoot CEO

Who is this Wonderful Company?

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to see that you are interested in learning more about Tenderfoot Sock Company Incorporated and how we can help you.

Tenderfoot Sock Company Incorporated was founded in 1999 by me, Bernadine M. Solwey (that's me in the picture to the right of this paragraph). We are located in the heart of the Spirit Lake Sioux Nation Reservation in the town of St. Michael, North Dakota.

After personally being diagnosed with diabetes and spending countless unsuccessful hours looking for a solution to ease my foot pain, I decided to develop my own solution. A solution that is not only designed for people with diabetes and foot pain, but for anyone who is searching for good foot care and pain relief. And, thus, the idea for the development and design of the patented healthy sock was born.

The Tenderfoot Sock Healthy Sock System is designed and constructed to create a sock for you that does not contain dyes or chemicals. Our cutting-edge patented design utilizes a superior fiber instead of ordinary cotton fibers. Our socks are made of unique durylan acrylic (80%) and nylon (20%) fibers that wicks moisture from your skin to keep your feet dry. This is a major breakthrough in the diabetic world. Once someone tries on a pair of Tenderfoot Socks, they become firm believers in all of its qualities and benefits.

We also discovered that hunters, sportsmen and everyday people have found that Tenderfoot Socks are of great benefit to their feet as well. It keeps their feet drier and warmer with fewer blisters and abrasions. People who wear hiking, walking or work boots have discovered that the socks do not slip down into the toe of their shoes. The way you put on your socks in the morning is how they come off at night!

Tenderfoot Sock Company is the sole distributor of this healthy sock and we ship out of our own warehouses located in St. Michael, North Dakota. I personally manage the Tenderfoot Sock Company with my son.

For more information about our company, the patented healthy sock system, and how we can help you, please contact us at 701-351-1286 or by using our online form

Capabilities to sell directly to the government -- federal and state!

Below is a list of our government certifications and numbers for selling to the federal and state government:

  • CCR Registrant
  • DUNS # 034058110
  • NAICS # 315119
  • FDA Certified Class 1 Medical Device