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"Experience the Tenderfoot Sock Company Difference!"

Below are testimonials from customers proving that our socks provide a tremendous difference to your feet. Order your socks today and you too can experience the soothing, superior comfort our socks have delivered for many years.

Order your socks today and you too can experience the soothing superior comfort our socks have delivered for many years.

Dear Tenderfoot

You're right. Great socks. Have Wigwam diabetic and Thorlo level 2 and 3. These are much better.

Patricia W.
North Carolina


To Uncomfortable feet,

I started my search for comfortable socks because my Mom has very sensitive feet. She is not diabetic, and is very healthy. She told me her doctor said her feet were “bone on bone”. Long and very narrow. I heard about these socks from a friend. I thought they were expensive, but I feel she deserves the comfort. I gave her 6 pair and she loves them, of course she had to keep a few pair for “good”.

She then bought me the same socks, because I have the same problem with socks bunching and the seams are painful. I have the long and narrow feet also. I just ordered her more so she’ll wear them every day like I am. We probably wouldn’t splurge on ourselves, but we will for each other. We’re hooked! You will be too. These are the most comfortable best fitting socks I’ve ever worn. Next I’ll have to get my husband hooked!

Lucy Wojcik


lynn testimonialsI'm a sportswoman. Sore, swollen ankles and going through the mud and the muck...I'm so comfortable in these Tenderfoot Socks!

Thanks, Bernie


I have been a believer in Tenderfoot Socks since the first day I wore a pair. They are truly a sock that I cannot live without! I first tried them during winter and thought they were wonderful; they kept my feet warm and comfortable. Summer came and I quickly discovered I love the quarter socks even more for all of my outdoor activities! I think so much of your socks that I often give them as gifts with the recipients always asking where they can purchase more of the same. Keep up the great work!

Denise Hendrickson
Lakota, ND

Although I am not diabetic, I suffer from Plantar Hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating of the feet). This causes maceration of the skin, which in turn, leads to infection. Your socks effectivly draw the moisture away from my feet, and have allowed them to cure to the point that I and even my dermatologist are impressed. I'll never wear cotton socks again.


Greetings to Motorcyclist Enthusiasts,

I am an avid motorcyclist and need comfort for my feet. With Tenderfoot Socks you get just that comfort and pampering for your feet. Through cold and warm temperatures these socks are great to absorb the moisture and helps keep them very comfortable. Also, they are great for everyday activities which include a lot of walking.

In closing, you will not be disappointed with Tenderfoot Socks.

Jackie Miller
Bemidji, MN

I am a farrier by occupation and spend hours each day not only using my feet to support my weight but also the horse's weight. The more years I spent in the farrier business, the sorer my feet were getting. Now I am in a business that requires me to fix foot problems on horses on a very regular basis but I was up against problem that I couldn't solve for my own foot problems. I was to the point that when I got up in the mornings my feet started hurting more and more and got to the point where I could barely walk barefooted.

A couple of years ago I just happened to be shoeing horses at the home of the Tenderfoot Sock Company. I was given a pair of socks to try out. Being the skeptic that I am most of the time, I graciously accepted them. I put them on when I got home and felt a difference. I wore them the next day while working and then noticed that the following morning I was able to walk without much pain. I then went back to the old socks and then would get up in the mornings to sore feet. I went back to the home of Tenderfoot Socks and bought a dozen and decided I will wear nothing but them. My foot pain is gone. I am on my third dozen and plan on buying as many more. Life is good once again.

I gave a pair of them to a friend of mine that suffers from gout. He tried them out and now every time I shoe horses at his place, he asks if I have another dozen Tenderfoot Socks for him.

Thank you for coming up with this sock, now just work on a model for sore footed horses. No wait, I would probably get put out of business!!

Neil Whitmer, Farrier
Sheyenne, North Dakota

Dear Sirs:

As a former United States Marine, I know that men would truly appreciate a great sock. It makes so much of a difference.

I make my living writing songs like "Drift Away"… but for fun, I guide Fly fishing and horse treks. I have found Tenderfoot Socks to be great in all kinds of footwear.

I am a diabetic and this is the best my feet have felt in years!

Semper Fi,
Mentor Williams

williams signature

To Whom It May Concern:

The socks are working great for me! I really, really like the way they feel on my feet!

I work as an officer at a correction facility and I am on my feet most of the day. Unlike other socks, my feet aren't as tired and sore when I wear them. One of the best things about these socks is that the seams don't bother me. I really dislike socks where the seams bunch up or hurt my toes. Don't fret, I will be buying more in the future.

My first reaction to the price was not good, but I took a risk and when I put on my first pair of Tenderfoot Socks… Oh my Gosh! I am so glad I did! The price is well worth the comfort and they last a long time. Thank you.

Charlene from Tyrone, PA.